Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Fair and Balanced - Honest Reporting 2 - Apartheid


From Honest Reporting's story "Barghouti Is No Mandela", a critique of the Toronto Star's Middle East bureau chief Oakland Ross report of June 30 2007, from which is quoted:

Many say comparisons with Nelson Mandela are exaggerated, but the parallels do exist.
Like the hero of South Africa's long struggle against white rule, Barghouti joined an established liberation organization and soon began to inveigh against its older leaders' complacency and corruption.
Like Mandela, his initial political credibility arose from his involvement in street-level politics.
Like Mandela, Barghouti was soon captured by a more powerful enemy, charged and convicted of violent crimes and locked away.
Seized by Israeli forces in April 2002, he was convicted and sentenced two years later and has remained behind bars ever since.

"Reporters who compare Barghouti and Mandela may not appreciate the historical context in which this false comparison is made.

If Barghouti is another Mandela, then by implication, Israel is another apartheid South Africa. And if apartheid South Africa was an illegitimate regime that needed to be isolated and replaced, then logic dictates that Israel, too, is illegitimate and needs to be replaced."

Yes, indeed.
HonestReporting goes on to say:
How You Can Make a Difference
Tell the Toronto Star that the Barghouti-Mandela comparison is false and dangerous. Point out that portraying a convicted murderer of civilians as a new Nelson Mandela is an affront not only to Barghouti’s victims, but also to liberal democratic values such as the right to life and the rule of law.
Send your letter to or via fax to 416-869-4322. To be considered for publication, letters must include sender’s name, address and phone number; street names and phone numbers will not be published.
Pointers for contacting the media: State your position clearly in your own words, remain rational and avoid being abusive, and contact us at to tell us you took action.

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