Monday, 8 October 2007

But True Zionists Take Care of Their Holocaust Survivors

So why are they demonstrating ?

The billions of dollars in reparations from Germany, Austria, etc, for crimes committed during World War II have been used by the Zionist government of Israel for their own narrow wog-colonising purposes, not for recompensing the victims of the Holocaust.

These old men, most of whom must have been young teenage escapees from the 'Final Solution' in Europe, are now living in a Mittel-European colony by the Mediterranean, and while their government uses them for propaganda purposes, they get none of the reparations streaming out from Europe.

You'd think the Zionists would have the sense to pay off their most persuasive PR characters, and keep them quiet, but no, the Zionist enterprise is not about victimised Jews, it's about a cabal of Polish Ashkenazi setting out to colonise a country of wogs.

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