Thursday, 29 November 2007

World Fed Up With Americans

I don't think most Americans realise what damage their current government's policies and behaviour are doing to their image abroad.
I was born just 10 days after Pearl Harbor, and all my life has been dominated by the perception that American values, way of life, liberty, freedom, democracy, etc should be aspired to by the rest of us.

Now, I look at the following report, see that America's bully-boats aren't even wanted in the Orient's prime shopping mall, and I realise the party's over:

US Pacific Commander Criticizes China on Naval Issue
By Al Pessin Pentagon27 November 2007

The commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific has criticized China for denying three U.S. Navy ships access to Hong Kong Harbor in recent weeks, saying the decisions were not responsible.

When the boss of a huge naval fleet bleats that:

"....hundreds of family members of the task force's crew had flown to Hong Kong at their own expense to meet the ship and spend the holiday with their loved ones" , but were denied conjugal rights, you know the world's falling apart.

What holiday with their 'loved ones' ?

Well, I think that might have been 'Thanksgiving' when Americans celebrate their conquest of the poor buggers who inhabited their country before they arrived.

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