Monday, 12 November 2007

Turkey Gobbles

I don't necessarily agree fully with what Turkey's President told Shimon Peres during the latest trip by the veteran tourist/diplomat, but it's interesting:

As reported by the Jerusalem Post:
Emphasis by me
, interpolated comments by me.

Peres told Gul that Israel could not accept a nuclear Iran.

In response, Gul said that while Turkey was against the development of weapons of mass destruction, it did believe countries had the right to develop alternative sources of energy.

Peres told Gul that Israel did not accept this line of thinking and that Iran had a large amount of oil and natural gas and so did not need an alternative source of energy.
[Israel has no nuclear power, and no oil or natural gas. But it does have a large nuclear establishment at Dimona, and some 200 nukular bombs. It therefore has a divine right to chide its neighbours for even thinking about nuclear power].
Iran does not need nuclear energy," said Peres [with unimpeachable authority]
"I know the president has a different assessment, but we feel threatened."

Another sensitive issue raised in talks was the US Congress initiative to recognize the Armenian genocide. Gul told Peres that Turkey would not tolerate this issue coming up every few months.
"It is not worth ruining today's good relations over an event of the past," Gul told Peres.
[No, it certainly isn't, so perhaps we should also forget the events of the past in Eastern Europe (the Holocaust, Shoah, or whatever you want to call it, and get on with life).]

Peres said that Israel supported Turkey's initiative to set up a team of Armenian and Turkish historians to examine the events of 1915-17 and in addition, Gul thanked Peres for his efforts in working to thwart the US plan.
[What's this? A dastardly US plan to equate the genocide of ONLY 1.5 million Armenians with at least 4 times as many (6 million) Jews? ]

Peres expressed cautious optimism regarding the peace process with the Palestinians.

He said that although the two-to-four weeks remaining before Annapolis was not enough time to solve problems [after 60 years of ignoring them], "Annapolis is a station on the way to peace, and afterwards, real negotiations will begin."
[No it isn't, and they won't - see: Countdown to the offensive]

Gul said Turkey would do all it could to bring about the release of the captured IDF soldiers and said Turkey viewed the issue first and foremost as a humanitarian matter.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas also arrived in Ankara to participate in a forum on Tuesday during which an announcement is expected to be made on a new industrial zone in the West Bank
I wonder whether Mahmoud Abbas will even mention the thousands of Palestinians kidnapped from their homes and held in unknown conditions, without trial, in Israeli jails and get Turkey to view the issue first and foremost as a humanitarian matter.

Peres also invited Gul to send a delegation for a project to study ways of using nanotechnology to combat terror.
[In other words, some Israeli scientist has developed micro-murderers, and wants to sell them - to whoever]

Peres also asked Gul for permission to borrow Israel-related artifacts from Turkish museums for Israel's 60th anniversary celebrations.
[Israelis are nothing if not extremely sentimental].

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