Monday, 12 November 2007


DesertPeace has it right, as reliably as usual.
Look at Carlos Latuff's 'cartoon' as well:
"Do you...
1. Agree with any of the statements in the above image - Carlos Latuff's 'cartoon'?
2. Get sick and tired of hearing the Kosher Nostra rant on about Israel's 'enemies?'
3. Believe that Palestinians deserve an independent state?
4. Believe that Israel is an apartheid state?
5. Believe that those who speak out against Israeli apartheid are not anti-semites?
6. Believe that Israel is guilty of genocide against the Palestinian people?
6. Believe that Israel's leadership should be put on trial in an International Court for war crimes?
7. Believe that the upcoming 'Peace Conference' in Annaopolis is a farce?
8. Believe that AIPAC and it's Lobby affiliated organisations have too much influence in American foreign policy?
9. Believe that Israel is a threat to world peace because of its foreign policies?
10. Believe that Palestinians (so-called Israeli Arabs) living in 'Israel proper' are treated as second class citizens?

If you answered YES to even ONE of the above....
then take a word of advice from Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai Brith.
You're an anti-Semite

Or read all about him in The New York Times: "Does Abe Foxman Have an Anti-Anti-Semite Problem?"

Quite why Abe Foxman, a Polish-born American,
should be able to pontificate on matters concerning Semites in the Middle East (the vast majority of whom are not Israelis, or Jews) is quite something else.
But perhaps we should remember that almost the entire bunch of Israeli leaders in the short history of that troublesome and aggressive nation were Polish-born Americans, or, at very least kept their US passports under their beds, in case the whole bogus enterprise went disastrously wrong.
Most of the members of [Abe Foxman's] family were murdered in German concentration camps.[citation needed (ie not proven)]
Foxman's father supported Vladimir Jabotinsky, founder of Revisionist Zionism. As a young man Foxman belonged to several Zionist youth groups including Betar, the Jabotinsky youth movement, the left-wing Habonim and the apolitical Young Judaea.

Betar Jerusalem
are the bunch of Israeli football hooligans who refused to honour a moment of silence in remembrance of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin just this week.

Do they remind you of something?

Maybe this will.

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