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"US okays large IDF Gaza op"

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Nov 4, 2007 0:18 Updated Nov 4, 2007 11:21
Lebanese paper: US okays large IDF Gaza op

"The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar reported Saturday morning that "credible diplomatic sources" had said American approval for a broad operation in Gaza had come after Israeli intelligence impressed on US officials the importance of such an incursion as an answer to the unprecedented level of arms smuggling to Gaza from Sinai.
IDF combat engineers and infantrymen from the Golani Brigade have been operating on the Gaza-Egyptian border since last week to locate and destroy the tunnels used by weapons smugglers.
Tunnels were found as close as two kilometers from the border with Israel and were destroyed in controlled explosions. IDF sources said they were most probably used by terrorists to leave Gaza on their way to Iran or Syria for training."

Add to that the noises stage right about rockets from north Gaza, and it looks like both north and south Gaza will get another round of military invasion by the Israelis.

And nobody will notice, or even report what atrocities they get up to, just as no-one has noticed in the past, with the inevitable noise created by other on-going and pending events in that corner of the world:

- imminent government collapse or chaos in Pakistan
- ditto in Lebanon
- possible Kurdish invasion by Turkey
- takeovers of southern provinces by organsised Taliban forces in Afghanistan
- any one of several forecast major horrors in Iraq
- a long-heralded attack by Israel and/or the USA on Iran

What do you have, with different events, all on the same theme, happening simultaneously in so many places?

George W. Bush's Freudian slip - World War III ?

Note: A web search for the original Al-Akhbar article found nothing, except 'quotes', all essentially from the same original second-hand report, and all from Israeli sources. A lie repeated is a lie reinforced.

Update and apology: The original Al-Akhbar report is quoted, at: uruknet.info

"The sources said Olmert and Barak have since then been meeting frequently to work out the timing and other details for the attack on Gaza, adding however that the American green light is being complicated or held up by current multi-party efforts to come up with some kind of an Israel-Palestine agreement ahead of the Annapolis peace conference. They said the Israeli troops currently on the Gaza border are receiving instructions and training, in preparation for a giant military operation in the Gaza Strip which will begin in the north and central parts of the Gaza Strip, and then be extended throughout".

Note that the original report does NOT report a US "Okay". The US has altogether made such a mess of things in so many places that they will just have to let the Israelis go ahead anyway.

After the event, these twisted Israeli reports will be used as firm evidence that they did it all with American approval.

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