Friday, 25 July 2008

STOP PRESS!! Grand-Daughter Arrives!!!

Yes, I know that all new-born babies look alike, and that all parents (even going back to the immediate ancestors thereof) go positively ga-ga when they arrive.

So just let me indulge myself, and congratulate my son, Ollie, and Becca (who did all the heavy lifting) for producing the gorgeous Molly.

And yes, I thought Molly was a strange name, but long after O&B chose it, they found it was my paternal grandmother's name. She died before I was born, but that's a wonderful omen.

Not that I believe in omens, of course (as I cross my fingers behind my back), and ignore Shedney, who is looking at this photo and also going goo-goo just behind me, and saying she wants one of these for herself.

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