Sunday, 27 July 2008

Guyam Island From Mabua Creek

This is the view (or used to be) from just down the bridge across Mabua creek, as you go into General Luna town itself from Cloud Nine, to the north-east.

Or, at least, it was. The two large coconut trees have now disappeared, due to changing shoreline patterns brought about by changing tide and creek patterns

The tide currents go in different directions here; one coming in, and the other going out. I don't know why this should be so, but it is.

Mabua village, to the left of this photo, is also called Barangay Alingit - 'Angry Village' because the family arguments can be heard all over town.

I used to be scared stiff of it, because they are 'a bunch of squatters and thieves' but now I know some of the families there, and they're a good bunch (well, some of them are).

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