Saturday, 19 July 2008

Plants, Fruit and Trees of Siargao - 249 photos

I am so impressed by the identification of my talikubo that I've put an album of photographs on the net here at Flickr or here at my webhost.

I've only just joined Flickr today, so I'm not entirely sure how it works. Hope I've got it right. That shows only 200 photos, until I dig in my pocket and update.

The second is to my website host, with all 249 photos, so, if you don't mind, since it has no comments section yet, please e-mail me here, but please head your message Plant Identification, so I don't dump you in the spam box with the Nigerian, Lottery, and Viagra scammers.

I would dearly love to have some help with identifications.

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Mark Villanueva said...

I'm now in Manila but I used to travel to Siargao Island and write about it. I havent been there for almost two years already. Such a nice place.