Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Cat's Eyes and Digital Painting

Cat skull with cat's eye nebulaThis is my very first digital painting. A cat skull with the Cat's Eye nebula. Not very significant, but it makes for a satisfactory greetings card.

Well, it's actually about the umpteenth version of something I started out on this morning, after being inspired by Maria Guzman's site.

She has developed her paintings, (and all of them are wonderful) using digital methods with, mostly, Native American and architectural motifs, so I've just taken the easy path, and plagiarised her as much as I can.

She suggests that her paintings might be replicated using acrylic media.

She's probably very well aware, though, that brush painting, with bits of pigment in various sloppy media, involves a lot of intractable substances, a great deal of skill, and a degree of craftsmanship and knowledge that most of us, who didn't go through Leonardo da Vinci's school, could never achieve.

Take a look also, at someone who scans, paints, draws, and scans again. This is what I want to get into; truly multi-media expression.

And take a look at my next post, which is a memorial to almost the last painting I did in real physical media, Cardinal Sins.

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