Friday, 2 July 2010

Minor Daily News - Palestine

Daily, Israel's relentless attacks on Palestinians don't get much coverage, but Palestine Today!  does catalogue the daily insults, harassment and worse.
I can't investigate each of these cases, because there are so many of them; I will try and pick an individual case here and there and find out the background.
Land theft and destruction/Ethnic cleansing
IOF burns large areas of olive trees to suppress Ni'lin protest
June 26th, 2010-- the Occupation Forces, who were stationed behind the Wall’s cement blocks, fired tear gas at the demonstrators and opened the gate of the Wall to chase the protesters after have been inhaling gas in unsuccessful efforts to arrest them.
10 Jordan Valley families given 24 hours to leave homes
Bethlehem - Ma'an - Ten families in the Jordan Valley were handed home demolition orders on Sunday and given 24 hours to evacuate their lands. Most of the homes to be demolished belong to the Daraghmah and Al-Makahmreh families, who say they have documents proving their ownership of the land filed with Israel's Land Registry. The families said they had been issued demolition orders before, however this was the first time they had been given a 24-hour notice.
20,000 Gazans in West Bank threatened with deportation
More than 20,000 Palestinians from the Gaza Strip are living in a state of anxiety fearing the Israeli occupation authority might deport them any time to the Gaza Strip.
Israeli official during informal talks: “Jerusalem was promised by God to the Jews"
Deputy Israeli Prime Minister Dan Meridor held an 'informal meeting' with Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat on Friday, during which he quoted the late Pope John Paul II as saying, “ Jerusalem is holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims alike, but was promised only to the Jews”.
Construction at Sheikh Jarrah begins
Just days ahead of Netanyahu-Obama meeting, builders start 20 Jewish homes in east Jerusalem. The controversial construction plans, set at the site of the Shepherd Hotel, surfaced on the eve of Netanyahu's previous meeting with Barack Obama three months ago, embarrassing the Israeli government.Channel 10 reported Sunday that bulldozers had already arrived at the site, intended for 20 new Jewish homes.,7340,L-3911541,00.html
PLC members will not be expelled
Jerusalem - Ma'an - Four Palestinian lawmakers affiliated with Hamas will not be expelled from Jerusalem, sources told Ma'an on Sunday, and Israel will reverse its decision. The information was revealed three days after the four elected PLC members spoke with President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah, where they announced publicly that they do not represent a party, but rather the people who elected them.
Solidarity/Activism/Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment
IOF opens fire at peaceful march in Khan Younis
Gaza, June 28, (Pal Telegraph) Israeli occupation forces opened fire today morning on a peaceful march in the area of “Farrahin” east of Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip, while protesting against the establishment of Israeli buffer zone along the border. The peaceful march was called by the Popular Campaign against the buffer zone in Khan Younis, they urged people from all areas to come and march, with the participation of the National Labor Committee representatives and dozens of citizens who raised Palestinian flags.
Bil’in Weekly Protest: No to Expulsions from Jerusalem
June 26th, 2010-- The demonstration, organized by the Bi’lin Popular Committee Against the Wall, showed solidarity with PLC member Abu Teir by sending a message that deportation and expulsion of one member symbolizes the expulsion of the whole Palestinian people from their homeland.
Weekly protest in al-Ma’sara marches towards Efrat settlement
June 26th, 2010-- The demonstrators, gathered in a march against the Wall, the settlements and the expulsion of PLC members from Jerusalem, managed to go through the barbed wire set up by the Occupation Forces at the entrance of the village and walk in the direction of the settlement.
More than 60 solidarity activists boost Wadi Rahal protest
June 26th, 2010-- When the demonstration reached the Wall, a large number Occupation Forces were waiting and prevented the demonstrators from continuing on their way to the confiscated lands of Wadi Rahal behind the Wall. With gunpoint, the Occupation Forces ordered the march to leave the site.
Violence in Silwan Days After Major Protest
Two days after hundreds of Israelis marched through the East Jerusalem city of SIlwan in protest of expanding settlements, the Palestinian residents of the city experienced another reminder of their position as occupied in the holy city. Confusion broke out last night around one of the main settler houses in Silwan, Beit Yoantan. Palestinians thought an eviction was going to take place and became understandably excited. However, there was no eviction. A private security force that guard the settler house started shooting very closely into the house that the settlers threatened to evict, prompting the family (and the whole village) to think that they are trying to invade and take over the house. Rock throwing began and the border police began to fire tear gas into Palestinian homes in the village. 20 Palestinians were injured and a handful of border police troops.
Iranian ships could join wave of flotillas to Gaza, says Hamas chief warns
A top Hamas leader has warned Israel to expect more Gaza-bound pro-Palestinian flotillas over the next two months, including vessels "from the Gulf". Mahmoud Zahar, often seen as the dominant figure in Hamas's political leadership in Gaza, said that he had been informed by "people ... from the Gulf states" that "after the Mondial [World Cup] at least eight ships will come from the Gulf".
Hamas official: Wave of flotillas to sail for Israel after World Cup
Israel should expect at least eight more Gaza-bound ships shortly after the tournament, Mahmoud A-Zahar told British daily The Independent.
Channel Two TV news demonstrates how to railroad a non-violent protest movement
The Sheikh Jarrah protest movement pulled off an impressive demonstration on Friday (June 25 2010.) More than five hundred Israelis and Palestinians marched in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, to protest the planned demolition of 22 Palestinian homes.” Bernard Avishai has posted an interesting account of the event at TPM Café. Here’s a short video clip, which shows a powerful, non-violent, protest.

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