Sunday, 18 July 2010

Egyptian President Resurrects

Egypt's President hasn't got much longer to go.....

Al-Quds al-Arabi reported Mubarak, who visited Paris this week, underwent new medical check-ups.
By Jack Khoury and Reuters

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, 82, attended an air force parade on Thursday, appearing in good health following talk suggesting he needed to travel abroad for more treatment, state television showed.

Last week, Ha'aretz reported that the health of the Egyptian President has taken a serious turn for the worse. The London-based newspaper Al-Kuds Al-Araby reported yesterday that Mubarak, who visited Paris this week, underwent new medical check-ups there.

On Wednesday Egyptian officials denied Mubarak was in ill health, dismissing a Lebanese newspaper report that said he would travel abroad for treatment, with local media sources blaming Israeli media for spreading disinformation regarding Mubarak's allegedly unstable health.

Thursday's live coverage, which was apparently partially intended to dispel rumors about the Egyptian president's ill health, showed Mubarak, who had gallbladder surgery in Germany in March, waving to crowds from his car before walking to the stand for VIPs and shaking hands with officials on the way.

Mubarak was attending a graduation ceremony of the 77th batch of air force students at the Air Force Academy in Sharqiyah province, north of Cairo.

On Wednesday, Army Radio quoted the Egyptian daily Al-Shorouq as reporting that Mubarak postponed his planned meeting with Netanyahu over Israel's recent demolition of illegal Palestinian structures in East Jerusalem.

Speaking with Al-Shorouq on Wednesday, a senior Egyptian official denied reports of Mubarak's ailing health, saying the meeting was pushed back due to "provocative moves made by Israel."

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