Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Maradjaw na Pasko

Maradjaw na Pasko!

That's Happy Christmas in Surigaonon, the local language.

The silly buggers get Christmas and Easter mixed up, but then they are Catholics. (or very seriously under-converted heathens - the local swear words, such as they are, all refer to pre-Christian gods, except one - Sus Mari Yusip, (Jesus, Mary, Joseph) which is not really a swear word at all, but a mild expression of surprise).

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DakoLobot said...

Good day Richard,
Merry Christmas to you and yours in GL. As a Brit married to a native of Siargao, albeit from the north of the island rather than the south (although we have family living in GL), I thought that this was an opportune moment to say how much pleasure your blog gives me (at least the posts about GL). Long may they continue.
I look forward to being able to buy you a beer (or two or three) when I eventually return - last visit was in '94.
Best wishes for the festive season.