Friday, 11 December 2009

Israelis: Not Only Anti-Muslim, but Anti-Christian

Maariv: Israel-Vatican crisis over Jerusalem holy site
December 11, 2009 Didi Remez

A dispute over David’s Tomb or the Room of the Last Supper, just outside the Old City of Jerusalem is at the heart of the crisis. Kikar Hashabat, an ultra-orthodox news portal attributes “the great victory” to the two current Chief Rabbis, “who one year ago published an announcement that it was prohibited to transfer Jewish property to Christians.”

The Mount Zion Foundation, which maintains the site, has more information on the “property” at stake. Whose website offers a “rare opportunity” to acquire “an extraordinary array of spiritual artifacts from King David’s Royal Tomb Complex.” These range from “a metal clad door” to “to the window frames of transforming light.” Prices are not mentioned, but Rabbi G. Goldstein’s e-mail is availible for “the discerning collector.” The website also offers online shoppers a choice of purchases from the adjacent Chamber of the Holocaust. A range of “naming dedications” is available for every budget starting with an “Honorary Member” for $180, through the “Biblical garden” for $1,000,000, all the way to $8,000,000 for the entire chamber’s “People’s Memorial.”
The holy sites crisis - Yossi Bar, Maariv, December 11 2009

Israeli and Vatican delegations, which yesterday discussed the financial and legal status of Israel’s Christian holy sites, reached a dead end. According to Vatican sources, relations between the two countries are on the verge of crisis, and these same sources are also threatening to sever diplomatic ties with Israel.

This is a quite hilarious argument. The Tomb of David is in the ground-floor living room, and the Room of the Last Supper on the first floor above. It's a standard stop on 'The Tour of Jerusalem', and I've been there. Quite how they both got preserved, for about 2900 yrs and 2000 yrs respectively, inside a relatively modern house, is never explained.

I don't have any loyalty to Zionist Jews or to the Roman Catholic Church, and if they want to squabble about two very, very dubious sites, I couldn't give a sh*t.

But if these two Jewish Rabbis have managed to upset the Roman Catholics enough for them to consider severing diplomatic relations between the Vatican and Israel, then they've achieved something new, and not too good for Israel.

You can find out all about the Room of the Last Supper at:

As for the adjacent Chamber of the Holocaust, well, what do you do? Take it like the totally fucking phony it is, or give $8,000,000 to these shysters to buy it?

Supsend your belief for a minute - how can it possibly be that a 'Chamber of the Holocaust' suddenly pops up right next to a building sacred to Jesus and David?

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