Friday, 14 September 2007

It Never Rains But It Pours

I mentioned last week that good things happen sometimes.

But they do seem to happen all at once:

Not only do I now have a lovely 'temporary wife'
Shedney Magpapungko Siargao Island Philippineswho continues to live up to my best expectations,

but I've acquired a puppy as well:
Shiloh puppy Siargao Island Philippines
His name is Shiloh (named by Shedney after Angelina Jolie's new baby - where has all the native Filipino culture gone?), before she knew its sex(where has all the native Filipino folk-knowledge gone?), so I've renamed it Cielo - Spanish for heaven.

He's a cross between a Golden Retriever and something else. Both of them are going to need a few weeks rigourous training.

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