Sunday, 23 September 2007


GR and Millie roast pig Siargao Island Philippines Well, it's fiesta time in GL, so I've been persuaded to invite Shedney's family from Union.
They're a truly lovely lot, and I don't begrudge any kind of invitation at all.
So, the night before, Shedney's nephew, GR, turned up with a small live pig. There was a slight misunderstanding when I thought GR might really be Shedney's local boyfriend (not unknown), but that passed over after a major spat.
He killed and cooked the pig.
While the ladies chopped up butong, immature coconuts, for a wonderful buko salad, mixed with cream and fruit.

Pascal does stuff Siargao Island Philippines Pascal the French Lutist took over the carving, and did a remarkably good job - much better than the locals, who use a bolo machete, to chop the whole thing into chunks.

By the time Thomas and Kerry arrived, there wasn't much left of the pig, and even the camera lens was smeared somehow.

Altogether a good day.

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