Monday, 24 September 2007

The Israeli Lobby's Underside

The Israeli Lobby is not a single, coordinated organisation, but an octopus practicing hasbara, perhaps the most powerful national propaganda system on earth.

It also has branches, one of which targets 'Bad Jews' (Israelis and non-Israelis) who question their national objective of local conquest and domination, including the slowly-unfolding 'Final Solution' for the original inhabitants of their hijacked land, the Palestinians.

Take a look at this website:
Self-Hating and/or Israel-Threatening

It lists the names of 7000 Jews who don't toe the extreme rightwing Israeli line.

Here's an extract:

Abrams, Arthur J. "RABBI" Signed a petition, "Rabbinic Call for a Shared Jerusalem," which concluded that "the pursuit of both justice and lasting peace requires that, in some form, Jerusalem be shared with the Palestinian people." After all, "the Old City, the area of greatest contention, has a population of 30,000; of its residents some 90% are Palestinians." Is there a reader out there in Internet Land who can explain to Rabbi Abrams and those other imbeciles who signed this petition that (1) the Old City's Jewish Quarter was destroyed by the invading Jordanian Army in 1948-9 and all Jewish residents were either murdered or driven out. An another thing. Have this bald-headed baboon of a rabbi read "You've Been Had" which explains who his so-called "Palestinians" really are.

Just to correct the myth of the 'Jewish Quarter Massacre', the quarter was attacked by the Jordanian Army, and the 2000 residents were expelled. They joined about 711,000 Palestinians expelled by the Israelis.

Meanwhile, in another Jewish Quarter, but not within the Old City, Mea Shearim, another group of extremely Orthodox Haredi Jews, who settled there in 1871, stayed resolutely put.

The inhabitants of Mea Shearim lived securely within Arab Jerusalem for a hundred years, until they were 'liberated' in 1967. They do not, to this day, recognise the Israeli 'Nation'.

When I visited the area in 1973, this very wall, with perhaps the same old gentleman resolutely turning his back to the camera, was looking at a graffiti:


There were other, very similar graffiti scattered about, but I would imagine that the IDF and Shin Beth between them treat Jewish dissidents much as they treat their Palestinian subjects.

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