Thursday, 23 September 2010

Andreas the Asshole - Again

My wonderful next door neighbour has done it again - first he stole the copy from my website and pretended he'd written it himself. Now he's copied a map that I spent a lot of time making (from naval charts, etc). So I'm going to sue him. Not that it will do much good - his wife (Elizabeth) is closely related to the Surigao City legal mafia.

I try to get  people to avoid Patrick's On The Beach, because they will certainly be screwed. Firstly, he charges extra VAT (that is not paid to anybody), and the Service Charges go to him; not to his staff.

If I attempt to swim from the public beach in front of his place, he harasses me; I cannot use the public right of way which leads from my place to the beach, since he fenced it off.

He is still running his orphanage scam, but he is now into direct pimping:
'Many Visitors have come to Siargao and to Patrick’s on Cloud9 and found their life time partner. One of the greatest positive points of filipina-pinay, is the fact that in the Philippines, your age difference is usually NOT a problem! In fact, to most ladies in the Philippines, and to their families, the belief and hope is that if you are an older gentleman, that you are much less likely to be a "playboy", and also that you will take much better care of your fiancée. The oldest guest we had was 75 years old and he found his 21 year old sweet heart on Siargao Island.

The Filipina girls or Filipina women are world known for there stunning beauty. Filipinas are not only beautiful women but a delight to be around because of the famous Filipina disposition and personality. Many of our visitors who have married these Filipina beauties, swear they make the best wives in the world, not only beautiful, but loyal, loving and faithful past death. Andreas the owner of Patrick’s on Cloud9 is married to Elizabeth one of those beautiful Siargao Ladies. You will sense their wonderful and harmonious marriage when you visit Patrick’s on Cloud9.

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mirror said...

What does he mean "faithful beyond death"? Even the Catholic church doesn't expect that. What a slimebucket...