Friday, 5 September 2008

Thanks for the new shirt darling

Boholanon second hand shirt Siargao Island Philippines
The Bolanons (gypsy traders) are in town, running ukay-ukay (second-hand clothes stalls), in advance of the fiesta, so I gave up and reluctantly gave some cash to Shedney to shop and buy a new bed-sheet and a few other bits.

She bought me this (it doesn't even button on the right side!). But it is light and cool, so maybe I'll make a real effort to try hard and wear it in public, for loyalty's sake.

It cost $1.50, which makes it expensive around here.

1 comment:

Damian said...

Terrible shirt but good to see a better taste in books behind you (I spotted Sagan's Demon-haunted World behind you).

By the way, have you ever read Life of Pi? The tiger/metaphor-for-something-else is named Richard Parker.