Sunday, 27 January 2008

Why Can't the Israelis Behave Like Boers?

Remember this? It was the day in 1990 when Nelson Mandela was released after 27 years in prison in South Africa.

The US had withdrawn its support for the apartheid Afrikaaner government in South Africa, and Mandela, as part of the consequences, was released.

Within three years, elections were held, with full participation by the now properly-enfranchised black majority of the country, who won, hands down.

The Afrikaaner sate was gone, finished, dead. But the Afrikaaners themselves, many of whom had been settlers since the 18th century, and who had themselves fought (and lost) a war for independence, were not massacred, or 'pushed into the sea'.

Sure, their rights are now no better than anyone else's in South Africa, but they're still there, but not lording it over everyone else.

Why can't Israelis accept the same?


Anonymous said...

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"the Dude" said...

Richard, I just read a softcover book entitled "Live from Jordan" that gives an interesting perspective of the Arab East. The author, a Jewish American from Pittsburgh Penn. who speaks fluent Arabic, has a blog.

Live from Jordan

thabiso said...

first of all, the "palestinian" political leadership, along with verwoerd, malan et al of the national party was in bed with the nazis since the 1930s.

"Why Can't the Israelis Behave Like Boers?"

because we aren't white european nazis like the boers and yourself, that's why dickhead.